Thank you for your support! 

What a journey it's been for Camp Williams over these last four years! From its humble beginnings in 2015 to becoming the biggest holiday camp in Nottingham, every year our beloved camp for young people has grown bigger and better, with new activities added to the line-up every summer.  

Here are just a few of the awesome things that have become part of Camp Williams over the years:

  • Camp Williams sets up base at the Nottingham Emmanuel School in 2015 
  • The Gaga pit comes to Camp Williams in 2016, introducing children in Nottingham to this brilliant American game
  • The Bring a Friend initiative in 2017 means campers can bring a friend with them to experience camp for free! 
  • New Skill Clinics, including mountain biking, are added in 2017 offering campers an even wider range of activities to choose from 
  • Adventure Day Trips, to locations around Nottingham, begin in 2018 offering older campers a chance to show off their new skills outside of camp 
  • An upgrade to Portland Leisure Centre swimming sessions, in 2018, meaning less travel time and more time for swimming - plus a bigger pool! 

Because we want to continue making Camp Williams a unique, exciting and unforgettable experience for young people across Nottinghamshire, booking prices for Camp Williams will be going up by a small amount at the beginning of July.

We want to offer you, our incredible Camp Williams families, an Early Bird Offer. Book for summer Camp Williams before the 18th June and you will pay the current listed prices below:

£165 per full week OFFER NO LONGER VALID
£135 per 4 day week OFFER NO LONGER VALID

From the 19th June onwards, the prices will be increased to:

£175 per full week
£145 per 4 day week

Transparency is important to us and that is why we want you to know exactly what we will be doing with this extra money:
  • Adding new Skill Clinics to our repertoire 
  • Taking Adventure Village campers on more day trips across the county 
  • Creating photo opportunities for the children to engage with
  • Hiring more Camp Leaders to deliver extra activities and games 
  • Upgrading all of our sports and arts equipment 

Providing opportunities for young people to grow and develop through creative and sporting activities, with access to role models and positive core values, has always been at the heart of Camp Williams. This is what is most important to us; that you and your child get the most valuable experience that you can out of attending our programmes. 

Finally we want to say thank you - thank you for your continuous support and being part of the Camp Williams journey. Also thank you for helping us to deliver incredible opportunities for young people, year upon year through, our scholarship scheme. 

We hope to see you soon for all of the incredible things in store for 2019!